I have spent the last twelve years mastering the art of photography. With countless hours behind the lens and the monitor, I have learned many secrets to producing fantastic images that are being cherished by my family, friends, and countless clients. I have been asked over and over; How did you do that? Can you teach me the techniques to make my pictures look like that?

Well, I am going to share my secrets and methods to create images that can step your images up to the next level. If you have a simple DSLR camera and Photoshop and / or Lightroom, I can show you how to astonish not only your friends, but yourself as well. I'll teach you how to perfect every picture you take, even the ones that you wish you could retake.

Most photographers are not going to share these secrets. They guard them like a magician does their illusions. But I am going to share these secrets and we will share our photo experiences both good and bad so that we can all become better photographers.


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This is my 15th anniversary as a wedding and senior photographer.  I believe that your wedding pictures should tell your love story.  Learn more about our approach.

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